Western Wall

The Western Wall is one of many names given to the vast, transcontinental range of peaks that stretches north to south through the Fea’Eldarin, Duvarik’s Pass and Ogruush. It is unknown whether the orcs or elves have ever found a passage across these peaks.

Until a generation ago, common wisdom in the empire suggested that these mountains marked the very edge of the world. Some readings of the Hellar Bartim suggest that the range is in fact built upon Hellar’s spine, marking the spot in creation across which his body collapsed. From his blood flowing swiftly across the primordial planes the rivers, canyons and seas were carved out and the brothers were born. It has always been assumed by those who believe thess myths that the wall is Hellar’s last act of protection for his new world, separating what is on this side from the lingering forces of corruption and chaos that persist beyond its peaks.

With the accession of Duvarik’s Pass, the empire found that it now had a pass to a land beyond the wall, albeit high and impassable except for a few brief months every summer. Far from being a waste of disorderd chaos, it appeared to be an untamed, yet fertile and rich frontier, One which attracted miners and speculators immediately, followed by the begginings of civilization, farms, services, towns…

Calling it a pass is generous. It is a series of trails blazed along isolated streams and alpine valleys, connected by frequent switchbacks up the sides of steep cliffs and shifting paths across the faces of high altitude glaciers. The highest point in the pass is nearly 17,000 ft above sea level, and requires rest and time to acclimatize, even for the hardiest dwarf. Nonetheless, this point on the trail is dwarfed on two sides by peaks that continue for several thousand feet further up.

The trip across can take a minimum of 6 weeks in good weather, a whole season in bad, and those who start too late in the season tend to be found as gnawed bones the following year.

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Western Wall

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